Branding is very important, shop fronts, signage, interior aesthetics and even vehicles all play a part in your business identity. Consistency and quality are vital whether it is a small boutique shop or an entire department store.

McDonald's Signiture Experience

If it's one thing McDonald's are known for, it's their high class, white glove level of professionalism and flawlessly catered service across all their stores! Okay maybe not..

But this wasn't the usual setting for a McDonalds, with a little magic from our team, we managed to transform this McDonalds in South Kensington into a luxurious, shining and sophisticated restuarant. Featuring velvet pillows, renaissence busts and top hats! Lots and lots of top hats.. We left no detail undone as the cast of T.O.W.I.E played guests of honour to this fabulous occassion!

Food was presented on silver serving trays and drinks were poured in exquisite glasses... The food was the same McDonalds' we all know and love though.

Sony Store, 007 Promotion

To celebrate the release of the James Bond film 'Quantum of Solace', the Sony store in Heathrow's terminal 5 created a promotional area within the terminal. The series spy that became a worldwide british born phenomina, known for his gadgets, was the perfect theme for the Heathrow store.


10mm thick clear perspex panels with reverse applied digitally printed graphics were used to create the graphics walls, along with fret cut aluminium logos.

XBOX, Saturn Game Store

This interactive display area was set up within the Saturn game store to promote the many features at the launch of the Xbox 360. So long ago now it seems was the birth of Microsofts 2nd Gen console.


RHM manufactured and installed digitally printed graphics and wallpaper to various promotional areas within the store, including an overhead hanging curved banner with a steel fabricated frame with stretched dye sublimation print and keder edging, and perspex literature holders as part of the display.

WRAP & CO, Flagship Store

At Wrap & Co’s flagship London store, RHM installed various graphics and signage across all areas, including menu boards, window graphics, and an external pavement sign (a-frame).


Digitally printed graphics were applied to foamex panels, as well as reverse applied to the front windows. Vinyl cut graphics and fret cut foamex logos were applied to walls to create a vibrant and modern fully branded space, including a menu wall featuring flat bed routed lettering & illustration design vinyls!