Whether for Galleries, Trade Shows, Displays or Fairs, Exhibition graphics and signage are a fundamental part of such big events. They set the scene & create an atmosphere in which thousands will come to experience memories that last a lifetime.. so being surrounded by grey is not an option!


Gamescom is the largest gaming event worldwide, showcasing the latest advances in virtual gaming and boasting unparallelled creativity. Which of course, means more gorgeous graphics! With over 1,000 exhibitors and nearl 400,000 visitors annually, it has come to encompass the industry and we love seeing the artwork come to life in our products.


RHM manufacture and install graphics across the environment, from traditional products such as large format printed fabric walls, digitally printed vinyl graphics, router cut logos, and large profile cut hanging graphics, to the more unique requests, such as giant jenga & custom pinball machines!


Due to the scale of this project a fully stocked on-site studio is set up to enable the production of a wide range of extra graphics and signage on site, avoiding the need for extra transport costs and providing an on-demand service to cater to everyones desire.

Hyundai Dealer Conference

Held in Milton Keynes, this conference required many graphic and signage elements throughout the venue, high, low, big and small.


From vinyl cut graphics and logos to freestanding totem signage, non-slip floor graphics to fret-cut foamex text and logos, and hand held paddle signs to external wayfinding graphics applied to barriers at the venue, RHM manufactured and installed a wide range of graphics designed to reinforce the Hyundai branding and showcase the benefits and features of the vehicles on display.

It was a true Hyundai overhaul!

Watson AI, IBM

Powered by the latest innovations in machine learning, Watson lets you learn more with less data. You can integrate AI into your most important business processes, informed by IBM’s rich industry expertise.


You can build models from scratch, or leverage our APIs and pre-trained business solutions. No matter how you use Watson, your data and insights belong to you − and only you. In this day and age, a truly vital feature.

An advanced AI system most truly deserved an advanced layered graphical presentation!

We always enjoy seeing the latest in technological advancements, as we are always looking to integrate new ways of processing our graphics in order to produce the highest quality.

Cricket World Cup

The 2019 Cricket World Cup swept the country in all it's batting glory, as RHM set up multiple large public screening events for matches all across the UK!

The graphics were plentiful, from freestanding signs and banners all the way up to themed structural scaffolding and shipping containers!

Seeing the supporters enjoy these sets so much on live world wide television made us proud to have been a part of it, even if those kegs of beer ended up getting SLIGHTLY more attention.