In the 1970's the company moved into the exhibition industry, providing various graphic elements from full colour prints to fret cut text and logos.



RHM Signwriters is founded by Raymond Henry Murchison. Working in traditional methods such as hand painted signs and gilding.

Summer Of 1977

Raymond's son, Nigel R Murchison, joins the company.  This change would bring a push into the events industry which would shape the company's future for decades to come.






RHM Event Graphics Celebrate their 50 year anniversary! Halfway to a century old, we're always improving & implementing new technologies whilst striving to produce the best graphics in the industry!

The arrival of the 1980's propelled RHM into the events industry! Before long, providing a wide range of graphics for the major agencies in this sector, working on various projects from tv productions, car launches, theatres and sporting events.

19  64

As time went by, new 'technologies' and the latest industrial equiptment were invested into. This allowed top of the line products to be produced and gained brand trust and loyal long term clients. This thinking is still implimented today.

Today RHM has the privellege & pleasure of producing graphics for some of the biggest events in the world. Including Gamescom, Cisco, Various London Premiere's, Sony, Microsoft & Google.