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London Transport Museum - February 2015

The exhibition brings to life the sheer scale of the work being done to deliver Crossrail, the new railway that will bring a 10 per cent increase to the city's rail capacity. Visitors will experience the tunnel environment, learn about the way Crossrail is burrowing under London, play interactive tunnelling games and hear the first hand experiences of those who work underground. 


The exhibition features a large, five metre high, walk-through installation of a cross-section of a Crossrail tunnel to allow visitors to experience what it might be like to stand in a tunnel which is under construction deep underground. The tunnel contains a computer simulation of a giant boring machine in action, just like the one being used to dig Crossrail’s tunnels. 


RHM installed printed graphics throughout the display, including cladding the large curved tunnel structures with foamex and printed graphics.

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